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Jan 26, 2018

Interview with Bill Campbell, drummer. Bill is a man of few words. He has been playing drums from age 11 and basically tries to simplify everything to the pulse, the vital pulse. Listen to him talking about his simple but sophisticated music.  

Jan 18, 2018

When I sat with Hilda, she told me that all her life, she has been trying to find some joy in making something that really feels like it's coming from inside of her. The form of that process has often been through the arts. I asked her: What do you feel when something comes from inside of you?

Jan 12, 2018

Scott is an award-winning jazz violinist. When I sat with him, he told me that, while playing music, he looks for happiness. 

Jan 5, 2018

"There is a balance that must be struck when one is an expert at something. There is the pressure to share your gifts at the whim of others, which requires the ability to bend to their demands. Then there is the need to express one’s own substance with the talent that has been honed."