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Jul 27, 2018

Quand j'ai rencontré Kim à New York, elle m'a confié comment l'écriture est venue à elle : “Je m’endormais beaucoup au feu rouge et j’ai eu quelques accidents. Un des trucs qui a bien fonctionné, c’était de faire des listes. Des listes de courses, de choses à faire, de couleurs, de ville… A un moment...

Jul 19, 2018

When I sat with Hermione, she used a description in J.M. Coetzee’s novel Elisabeth Costello. It’s about a writer who finally says she is a secretary of the invisible. She said: "Just seeing that phrase, it brings tears to my eyes.”

Jul 12, 2018

Michael is a philosopher, an editor and a translator. And also a music lover. “Have the courage to really stand by what you think and be radical”: when he told me that, I understood that it was a way to start a more profound conversation. That was exactly what happened.

Jul 6, 2018

When I sat with Christiane, she told me about her Lebanese roots and how music preserved her from the war at the time. Finding her true voice was -and still is- a challenge for her, but she adds: "I always knew that a lot of answers would come to me through my voice. "