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Jan 18, 2019

I sat with Nicole to talk about the invasion of food on TV, movies and social networks. She told me that in a time when we are losing a lot of connections between ourselves and the people around us, food remains a constant connector. Nicole is a food stylist. Her job consists in preparing food for photography, video...

Jan 11, 2019

When I sat with Rozhia, she told me that there is always a good reason why we decide to eat out. It’s not just because of the food. That’s why the mood and the sound of a restaurant’s space are so important. It’s about feeling good.

I asked her: what is the creative process behind designing a restaurant?

Jan 4, 2019

Whatever our destination, we need a map. It gives us a boundary box for how to place ourselves in the world. When I sat with Kate, she told me that she loves drawing maps because she can place herself in them. I asked her: is mapping a subjective process? Her answer was: yes! And it can be biased. Really?