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Sep 2, 2020

Zhang Zhang was born in Beijing. Since before she could even walk, she was trained to be a musician, not by choice, not by pleasure, but entirely due to her overbearing father. She told me that he saw her as an animal he wanted to turn into a champion on stage. 
At 18 years old, she met her mentor Sergiu Luca. From him, she learned how to play music, and not only to play the violin to become successful and famous. Then she started to see concert as a way to connect people and to help people in need. 
In 2005, she created ZhangOmusiQ and began to raise funds not only to help people in need but also musicians at the same time. That is the way a super talented violinist, member of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo became a social entrepreneur. 
The encounter with her mentor was key. So, what is a mentor? 
That’s the question of the week.