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Feb 15, 2019

PSG ? The Parisian soccer team!

I sat with Jérôme to talk about PSG's superstar players Neymar and Mbappé. Like Manchester United or Barcelona, or Real Madrid, PSG is now a global brand with more than 300 million fans around the world.
That’s a lot.

Jérôme works to develop the PSG’s branding process in South...

Feb 8, 2019

Assis avec Michel, il a commencé à me parler des réseaux sociaux où tout le monde recherche les likes, les retweets, les avis positifs. (Moi aussi d'ailleurs !) Notre bonne estime de soi est directement liée au crédit que nous recevons. Michel affirme : “Il n’y a rien d’intrinsèquement nocif à une...

Feb 1, 2019

I sat with Luc to listen his story. In 1987, he went to Nepal for a month.He tried to climb the Annapurna and WOW! It just blew him away. Then, there was no internet, no communication. Nothing.
Just him in the wild nature.

That really opened his mind to exploration, trying to understand with scientists, what they can...